Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

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The Stanley Cup Playoffs are about to get underway and there is no time like now to give you my predictions for who will meet in the finals. Playoff hockey is the best time of the year and I can not wait to watch the games even though the Devils did not make it this year. 

Eastern Conference: As much as it pains me to say this, the New York Rangers will make it to the Stanley Cup finals for the second straight year. Their team is stacked from top to bottom. They have four balanced lines that can score, three solid defense pairs and the best goalie in the world with Henrik Lundqvist. They are also a year older this year so that experience will help them out when they face their opponent there. Their road will not be easy though as they will most likely have to go through their soon to be cross town rivals the New York Islanders, as well as the young and talented Tampa Bay Lightning. 

Western Conference: My selection for the western conference was a lot harder for me because I really don’t get to watch many of their games because I do not get the channels or the games are on too late. But with that being said I have decided that the Chicago Blackhawks will make it out of the gauntlet that is the western conference. Now the Blackhawks will only make it to the cup final if Patrick Kane comes back healthy. If he does not I can not see this team be successful without him. This team needs his goal scoring and playmaking ability to be successful. He and Jonathan Toews are the heart and soul of that team and I’m sure they will win many cups in their lifetime. 

Winner: When these two teams meet in the finals, I have the New York Rangers winning it all in a game seven. The Rangers have the edge in goal and on defense but they do not have the forwards that can take over the game like Kane and Toews can. It will definitely be a highly entertaining series, but when it is all said and done, the Rangers will hoist the cup in Madison Square Garden for the first time in 21 years. 


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