Vezina Trophy Predictions

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The Vezina Trophy finalists were announced the other day and before I go into my prediction of who I think should win it I want to say how disrespectful it is to have Devan Dubnyk as a finalist this year. While he was able to come out of nowhere and essentially save his career and go on the insane run with the Minnesota Wild to make the playoffs is remarkable, he should not have gotten consideration for only playing half a season. There are other goalies who deserve the nomination before him such as Braden Holtby, Steve Mason, or even Cory Schneider. 

Now that that is over the finalists are Carey Price from the Montreal Canadians, Pekka Rinne from the Nashville Predators, and the already mentioned Devan Dubnyk from the Minnesota Wild. 

It is pretty hard to even debate because he led the league in save percentage, goals against average, wins and was tied for second in shutouts. This goalie was Carey Price. He showed up every night and put the Canadiens on his back. He would make highlight reel after highlight reel save and many thought that he would have to have a let down eventually. That never happened and his wins kept piling up and his save percentage went through the ceiling. 

Pekke Rinne has a great bounce back year for the Predators and is a worthy finalist but there is nothing that he could do against Price’s numbers because they are just straight up insane. Any other year he would have gotten serious consideration but this year is a lost cause. 

I won’t say much more on Dubnyk because I already voiced my opinions on him in the opening paragraph but I am happy that he was able to revitalize his career and I hope that this was not a one hit wonder. 


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