Norris Trophy Predictions

The Norris Trophy is awarded to the league’s top defensemen and this year the league has decided that the top defensemen are Drew Doughty from the Los Angeles Kings, P.K. Subban from the Montreal Canadiens, and Erik Karlsson from the Ottawa Senators. 

I have a problem in how the candidates are selected for this trophy because the league is just selecting the defensemen with the most points. While defensemen are supposed to chip in offensively, the one that does it the best should not win the award. I believe that the candidates should play more of a two way player. There have been multiple times this year where I have watched P.K. Subban try to make a hero play with the puck in the offensive zone and lose it only to be bailed out by Carey Price who happened to be the best goalie this whole year. 

When I think of a great defensemen I think of a Ryan Mcdonagh, or a Shea Weber, or even an Andy Greene because of how great defensively they are and their ability to contribute offensively from time to time. These guys have the hardest job every night. They go up against the opposing teams top line and they have to shut them down. They are usually very successful in their task as well. 

So because that is not the way candidates are selected, I will give my prediction of the finalists that were selected. This year I have to go with Drew Doughty. He was an absolute workhorse for the Kings this year especially with the loss of Slava Voynov in the offseason due to his domestic violence incident. He upped his game to the next level and even though it was not good enough to make it to the playoffs he was still a difference maker every time he stepped onto the ice. Karlsson had a great year too, his team did make the playoffs, and was at times the only player on Ottawa capable of breaking out of their own zone with the puck. But in the end it was not enough to compete with the season that Doughty had. 


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A college student who wants his opinion about the New Jersey Devils heard.

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